nvironmental factors such as natural resource conservation, wildlife protection, energy management, clean energy, waste management, pollution control and agriculture are essential for the survival of the global population. Challenges like increasing greenhouse gases, pollution, mass deforestation, and illegal poaching of animals have adversely affected our environment.

How do we take…

The COVID-19 crisis has affected more than 188 countries and regions worldwide, causing large-scale loss of life and severe human suffering.

The ongoing crisis may be the worst major threat to the global economy, with drops in activity, employment, production and consumption worse than those seen during the 2008 financial crisis. COVID-19 has also exposed our weak healthcare systems, which was bound to happen in the future as well.

How do…

We live in a world where everything is quick, and you can do a lot with a couple of clicks on your phone. Everything is supposed to have a solution. But when life gives you lemons, you need to make a cocktail (with lemonade in it, of course) and learn to move onto the smarter and better things in life.

Speaking of smarter and better, many of us are making the switch to a better career/job in this pandemic. With people and work undergoing forced mass digitisation, the need for smart offices is growing now more than ever. People want more comfort in their workspaces, in order to work efficiently…

Ordering in for the night because you’re too tired to even take a shower after a long day of work (or work-from-home)? Chances are, you might end up making Maggi for yourself. Or ordering in, right?

With Covid-19 changing the food industry scene, we count on our restaurants to follow maximum safety protocols and our delivery guy to wear a mask, even at a distance of 6 feet. To sum it up, we’ve become picky when it comes to choosing a restaurant, online and offline. Chances…


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